Latvian Psychiatric Association is the only professional association in Latvia uniting certified psychiatrists, trainees in psychiatry, as well as other specialists in psychiatry (child adolescent psychiatrists, forensic psychiatrists, narcologists).

In 2014 Latvian Psychiatric Association celebrated its anniversary of 90 years. Although in the beginning psychiatrists and neurologists in Latvia had a common association, since year 1990 two independent organizations were developed – Latvian Psyciatric Association and Latvian Association of Neurologists.

Latvian Psychiatric Association has two subsections – Forensic Psychiatrist section and Young Psychiatrist section. Independent but closely related to LPA, are Latvian country psychiatrist union, Latvian child adolescent psychiatrist union .

Latvian Psychiatric Association main goals are to provide further education for psychiatrists in Latvia regularly hosting conferences, seminars, lectures, keeping track of certificaction point obtaining. LPA is responsible for the process of resertification, representation of psychiatrist interests in Latvian Medical Association. LPA provides its members the highest level of education in psychiatry, going hand in hand with current world knowledge, developing guidelines and getting involved in shaping mental health policy in Latvia and Europe.

Latvian Psychiatric Association regularly keeps in touch with its cooperation partners Lithuanian Psychiatric Association, Estonian Psychiatric Association, Joint Committee of the Nordic Psychiatric Associations (LPA is a board member), World Psychiatric Association, European Psychiatric Association, European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (LPA is a participant with voting rights)..

We are open for collaboration in different fields to promote professional growth and facilitate everyday clinical work experience for psychiatrists.

Please contact representatives of LPA:

Prof. Māris Taube, MD, PhD
President of LPA

Elmārs Tērauds, MD
Vicepresident of LPA

Prof. Elmārs Rancāns, MD, PhD
Vicepresident of LPA